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about me

Height: 5'3"   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Brown   |   Soprano

Raiane has been studying theater since the age of six in her hometown, Rio de Janeiro. In her country she has been in several productions such as "A Midsummer Night's Dream", “Hair” and "And then There Were None" by Agatha Christie and worked as a singing waitress @ Eclético Gastronomia e Música. After completing her Bachelors in Drama at CAL College in Brazil, she came to NYC to further her education in this inspiring city and fell even more in love with the craft of acting.



Playthings (UPCOMING) | Kelly | Jan Rosenberg - Dir. by Glory Kadigan @ The 14th Street Y

The Cherry Orchard | Dunyasha | Antón Chekhov - Dir. by Kelly O'Donnell @ The Shapiro Theater

good friday Sophia | Kristiana Rae Colón - Dir. by Sherri Eden Barber @ The Flea Theater

Our Dear Dead Drug Lord (reading) | Pipe | Alexis Scheer - Dir. by Whitney White @ The WP/MTC

Raft of The Medusa Felicia Fuentes | Joe Pintauro - Dir. by Francisco Solorzano (Barefoot Theater Co.) @ The Planet Connections Theater Festivity

Éléphant Clérèse | Eva Pollit - Dir. by Akia Squitieri and Anna Hogan @ The Planet Connections Theater Festivity

ms. estrada Student/ Marina and Cheryl us. | The Q Brothers Collective - Dir. by Michelle Tattenbaum @ The Flea Theater

Next | Stacey | Lily Houghton - Dir. Bradley Anderson, Matt Dickson and Tom Costello

Serials @ The Flea | Various Roles | @ The Siggy Theater

Éléphant Clerese Eva Pollit - Rising Sun Performance Company @ Governors Island

Cosmicomics Butterfly The Flea Theatre - Directed by Marina McClure

Snipped/Cut/Tied: Una Noche de Magia Mariana Step1 Theatre Project - Janelle Zapata 

Child's Play Cindy Rising Sun Performance Company - Brock Harris Hill

Diana & Navy and the Golden Tooth  Navy Dir. Charles Ouda 

Wild Party Featured Ensemble | Andrew Lippa - Dir. by Rob Heller and Bruce Baumer 

Our Lady of 121st Street Inez | Stephen Adly Guirgis - Dir. by Kelly O'Donnell 

Unity 1918 Sissy | Kevin Kerr - Dir. by Kareem Fahmy 

Hair (Musical) Crissy Dir. Paulo Affonso (Brazil) 

A Midsummer Night's Dream Hermia | CCBB (Brazil) - Nello Marrese 

And Then There Were None | Vera Claythorne | Agatha Christie - Dir. by Celina Bebianno 

Fear and Misery of the Third Reich | The Spy (Woman) Bertold Brecht - Dir. by Luiz Furlanetto




The Sunny Side| Fiona | Dir. Mike Swift

Sold my Soul for the Social | Rachel | Poisonpetal Productions

Member_1128 | Daniella | Sherif Shalaby - Pilot

Narcissus | The Woman | Dir. Charles J. Ouda - W.A.Y. Productions

Ice Cream | Grace | Dir. Shiyi Li 

In My Head | Lorelai | Dir. Melanie Guarente 

La Quinceanera | Maria | Dir. David Merino 

Mujeres | Maria Teresa Mirabal | Dir. Varyana Galdamez 

Labyrinth Lost | Teresa | Dir. Lauren McCall 

Otters | Rai | Dir. Kayla Martine

Training & Workshops

Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute (Two Year Conservatory Program)

Paul Calderón-Lorca Peress-Tim Crouse-George Loros-Robert Ellermann

Lola Cohen-Tom Brangle-Marcel Simoneau-Bill Hopkins-Ron Nummi  

Gregory Berger-Sobeck  

Acting on camera workshop

Stage Combat Certified – Unarmed 

J. Allen Suddeth

Bruce Baumer

Singing, Musical Theatre Coaching

Actors Launch

Ron Navarre & Madeline Jaye

Mary Setrakian

Singing, Acting, Vocal Coaching – Private Lessons

CAL – Laranjeiras School of the Arts (Three Year Conservatory Program)


Special Skills

Fluent Portugese, English, Intermediate Spanish, Singing Soprano, Dancing basic ballet/jazz/tap/street dance, Licensed Driver stick shift - Brazilian, Yoga, Tai Chi, Horseback Riding, Advanced Skier, Soccer, Stage Combat Certified Unarmed.

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