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Field of Flowers

my business results are:

  • generating over $70K in revenue on my two-year-old business, after a lifetime of being 100% financially dependent

  • coaching over 500 paid hours

  • working on average three days a week

  • investing over $50K on learning and development

  • supporting the launch of an organization targeting white supremacy and other forms of oppression in the world, and in the coaching industry specifically

  • training in ontological coaching, trauma informed coaching and embodied coaching

  • committing to a life-long anti-racist/oppressive education

  • facilitating and hosting three me + white supremacy circles, after Layla F. Saad, with participation of over 80 humans

  • volunteering over 100 hours of coaching

  • moving from a 20 year career in acting into my life long dream of being a musician

  • writing, composing and launching my first single and my first EP

  • fundraising $12K to support the marketing of my new EP

  • booking my first paid gigs as a singer

  • putting a band together and performing all over NYC

  • producing my first ever headlining, sold out concert

  • shooting a demo reel for my acting career

my personal results are:

  • transforming emotional unavailability in myself

  • falling in love

  • moving in with my partner

  • ending cycles of abuse in my family lineage

  • healing an eating disorder

  • getting a doula certification and supporting my besties in giving birth

  • becoming and being a super present auntie

  • sleeping and feeding myself deliciously

  • becoming an abundant plant-momma

  • making peace with feelings like anger and grief

  • traveling the world (will be visiting 5 new countries in 2023)

  • creating boundaries that work in my closest relationships


my results are amazing. i celebrate that.




i still experience the entire spectrum of human emotion. joy, despair, desire, pain, longing, hope. achieving the things i always thought would make my life (and me) better has taught me that there is no escaping myself. that i am, and will always be, the one tool and home i have to navigate the world i am creating for myself and others. so i might as well be whoever the hell i want to be. 


i say this to get real about what this work is. it is not a happy+results pill. it is not toxic bypassing our grief through setting our minds to positivity. it is a commitment to digging deep and un-numbing ourselves to what really matters to us. to owning our results and the gap between where we are and where we want to go. it is a courageous undertaking. a leap of faith. and, to my knowledge, the most wonderful thing you could do for yourself, your loved ones and humanity.


that being said, here are some client results from the past two years:


  • getting engaged

  • landing the job of their dreams as a casting assistant

  • writing their first novel

  • being sexually intimate for the first time

  • selling a multi-million dollar company, in service of a nomadic, free life

  • creating $100K in passive income

  • saying i love you for the first time

  • moving to a different country

  • getting pregnant

  • booking a role with their dream theater company

  • leaving an unfulfilling relationship

  • starting their coaching business

  • quitting a survival job in service of their artistry

  • owning their queerness for the first time

  • unburdening life-long family secrets with loved ones

  • starting a career as a comic

  • getting into the grad school of their dreams

  • writing their first screenplay

  • landing weekly auditions for massive tv shows/films

  • healing a broken heart

  • setting successful boundaries with family

  • getting out of debt and on track financially, towards a wealthy life

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