Raiane Cantisano Coaching

What would the leap into the life of your dreams look like?

I am an actor + communicator + ontological life coach. My passion is to serve humans who are interested in being the protagonists of their stories and are pioneers in their lineages, families and fields.

My clients have been winning in their lives as they leave behind unhealthy relationship patterns, jobs they don't completely love, beliefs of what is possible for them in every area and living the lives they think they should be living, instead of the ones they truly desire for themselves.

What I do is help people belong. First, to themselves. Then, their communities and ultimately to something greater.



Your life is your masterpiece.

What keeps you from uncovering it?

I have studied and participating in multiple ontological containers like the Landmark organization, The Atlas Project, Accomplishment Coaching (as a guest client) and Stacey Smith's 2K for 2K. Double majoring in communications/advertising and a drama degree, as well as relentlessly working on my own unlearning journey, through spiritual practices, an unending thirst for knowledge and a commitment to kindness, healing and connected communication, has given me the confidence to be present and open to what you want to create in the world and your innate power to do so, right now.


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"I never saw myself as someone who would invest in life coaching. I thought I didn’t have time, didn’t have the money, didn’t have the capacity to make some of my deepest dreams come true. But after one conversation with Raiane, I felt in my bones that I could trust her to walk with me to the edges I have been afraid to approach until now. In only two months of working with Raiane, I have a new job that completely aligns with the lifestyle I want, a career relationship I was previously too afraid to initiate, and a creative goal accomplished that has been sitting in my heart for years. Raiane’s presence and partnership in my life is a gift. I have someone to turn to for extra support as I navigate this braver, more honest, but also easier way of being, but she always knows when to metaphorically squeeze my hand and then let me take the lead. Not to mention she makes our sessions inspiring and FUN. Raiane listens deeply, mentors wisely, and celebrates you from the depths of her heart. I could not recommend her more, because nothing can beat how I feel about the life I am building with her support!"

Caroline Aimetti


"As someone who has always been interested in self improvement, self development, and the like, it has always been hard for me to open myself up to the co-creative aspects of the work. In my work with Raiane, I have not only been able to open myself up to an individual that is there for me, honestly 1000%, but actually bounce playful, fun, and generative exercises that get me away from the shame and embarrassment that sometimes come with looking at yourself so thoroughly. There are so many things that people are giving themselves at this time, in attempts to fill this void, but there is nothing comparable to really investing in yourself and give yourself the gift of being seen; Raiane has been that gift for me."

Amanda Centeno


"While working with Raiane was my first life-coaching experience, I do have quite the passion for self-work. I was once a “productivity queen,” obsessed with perfectionism, and essentially acting as a constant source of cruelty to myself. Even as I discovered and addressed self-limiting beliefs, that core rigidity never went away. I felt that I had already done a lot of work when we first started meeting, but of course knew there would always be more to do. 

In the first month that we spent together, I found incredible grounding in our meetings. I’m not sure that I’ve ever been in a safer-feeling space than the environment that Raiane created. And I never really realized how ruled I was by this belief that I needed to be perfect, or really just “better,” in order to be allowed to exist. Working with Rai, breakthroughs along those lines came at a startling, liberating pace. Having a mindful outside perspective is an incredible asset for any person, no matter how “evolved” or “successful.” This work is growth and growth is what sets you on the path to a happier, healthier, wealthier life. I’m so grateful to be able to work with Raiane Cantisano and I truly cannot recommend her coaching enough."

Kayla Martine

writer/theatermaker/tarot reader

"Deciding to partner with Raiane in coaching is probably the best investment I could have ever made in myself.  I use the word "partner" because we are truly working together and creating as a team the life I want where I can be my fullest and most authentic self. 

At the beginning, I may have wanted a coach that would just give me advice and frankly in some cases just tell me what to do but that's not the kind of coach Raiane is and I am so glad.  Yes, she is a great sounding board and has a wealth of wisdom to impart but it's the moments where we both get to just be with each other and think and dream what the next right thing for me is that make this coaching journey so magical.  Please invest in yourself and hire Raiane now!"

Shaun Leisher