welcome to coaching
with raiane cantisano

the common denominator of my life’s many faces is me. i am the thread tying together my work, my relationships, the communities that sustain me.

wouldn’t it be my deepest responsibility to love myself and nourish myself, such that i can show up open hearted and ready to create everywhere?

i am raiane

my life is my most powerful tool and my commitment is to a world of radical intimacy.


i am an immigrant who for the past seven years has built a home in NYC. i am a creator — a shapeshifter and a shift-shaper. i love myself and others as an art form.


i am also a singer-songwriter, a transformational life coach, a trained actor, a university graduate in communications, a certified doula and a dancer (on inspired occasion).


i am an auntie, a partner, a daughter, a sister, a best-friend, and i am my own.


photo by Drew Reynolds

Pink Cream

what is coaching?

coaching means a partnered commitment to the life of your dreams.

whatever those dreams look like — professional success, creative growth, interpersonal intimacy, a just and liberated world — their common thread is: you.

you are the source of the dreaming.

you are the one who can make them come true.


coaching’s primary instrument is our relationship to ourself.

what is that relationship generating? what do you see when you look in the mirror?

in this partnership, i will bring these and other crucial questions, and support you in answering them from an honest and empowered perspective.


i believe, wholeheartedly, you can get where you long to go.

you get to be in the driver’s seat: i am not the expert in your desires, or the road ahead.

my job is to be the realest co-pilot, sharing with you what i see in your navigation, as i see it — from my point of view, which may give me access to things that are [obstructed/obscured] from where you are seated.


you know where your soul wants to go. i hold your hand, until you have powerfully arrived.

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