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"woundingly honest" A&R Factory
"truth filled piercing vocals" Broadway World

RAIANE. is a singer, songwriter, performer, musician, plant mom, anti-racism student, lover and dancer (on inspired occasion).

she is a Brazilian immigrant who for the past seven years has built a home in NYC. she is a creator — a shapeshifter and a shift-shaper. loving herself and others is her art form.

she has been featured on A&R Factory, Broadway World, TimeOut, BuzzFeed. since she started her music career, two years ago, she has consistently performed at the NYC scene and appeared at venues like the Flea Theater, Bowery Electric, The Delancey, Heaven can Wait, Wet Spot, Secret Pour and  Brooklyn Art Cave.
more recently, she has combined her musical and community building skills to produce a sold out show, which she headlined at the new and buzzing venue Sanctuary, in Bushwick, alongside the electronic music giants BACHTROY and Groove Temple.

RAIANE. grew up in Rio de Janeiro and found her way to the stage from a very young age as a way of expressing her deepest self in an highly patriarchal and gender conforming culture. she admired the confidence, power and strength combined with vulnerability she found in pop music but was convinced she didn't have what it took to make her own music, so she dedicated her early life to theater instead. 

after double majoring in theater performance and communications, she moved to New York and got a diploma from the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute, quickly launching herself into a booming career on the off-broadway scene. however, the initial freedom of expression found through creating characters started to feel limiting and out of alignment with what her heart really wanted: to be deeply seen and heard. 

songwriting reconnected her to her power, and sharing her music clearly became the next natural step, as her gift to humanity. in 2020, through a nudge from dear friend and Afro Futurist Sci-Fi author Jason Michael Primrose, she wrote and recorded her first single "Where's Your Power", that landed with the public as a James-Bond-Billie-Eilish-Adele hit.

her debut EP "shiftshaper" came shortly after, this time exploring what it means to be an ever changing being, with agency to choose how one shifts, and towards what. 
the album is a love letter to love itself, and the emotions that are involved in its process: longing, excitement, fear, grief, bliss, acceptance, rage. her anthemic track "scared", that explores the delicious balance between physical and emotional intimacy, harnessed over 70K streams on Spotify and is an homage to pop-rock divas like Hayley Williams and Olivia Rodrigo. "easy", her collaborative track with Electronic Music up and comer Groove Temple, dares to imagine a new paradigm for romantic relationships: what if they could, indeed, be easy?

her newest release "falling to fly" with established DJ and Producer BACHTROY is set to drop on October 25th. "it's a song about feeling grown up together, about being in a healed partnership that is also exciting - I feel at the top of my game because I'm sitting across from my person, and everybody can see that".

her music is made and exists to create deeper levels of intimacy - with herself, her communities and the world around - while also inspiring others to do the same. "when we're intimate with ourselves, we invite vulnerability, grace and connection to the table, no matter where we're seated. music to me feels like the risk of intimacy: i never know what'll be on the other side of it but be it grief or joy, it'll for sure bring me closer to my soul".

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