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Define Your Self 


by coaches Raiane Cantisano and Tyla Fowler

What are boundaries? 

A tool we leverage in service of deeper communication and more intimate relationships. 

A perspective – that my life and my emotional experience are my responsibility. 

A skillset that can be consciously build through intentional practice. 

And a way of life that gives us access to power, freedom and the kind of love we’ve always hoped was possible.  

In today’s world, boundaries are misunderstood. It’s become normal to blame and shame people around us for how life is or isn’t going, especially when it comes to relationships. We're used to feeling like the power to have things go differently exists somewhere outside ourselves…in the hands of others. From this vantage point, our only option is to relate to others as the problem. We make them the villains in our story and imagine our lives would be better... if only they would change. 

“If only they would apologize...” 

“If only they would listen...” 

“If only they would stop...” 

The thing is, in relating to others as the villain, we become the victim, by default. And we live out our stories of trauma over and over and over again, creating fear, separation and pain. 

Believe it or not, there is another way.

If you’re ready to... 

Take responsibility for how it’s been going; 

Reclaim your power and establish your sovereignty; 

Get uncomfortable in service of standing for your life and the relationships of your dreams; 

And create the spaciousness you truly require to shift from surviving to thriving 

… then this masterclass is for you. 

It’s our intention to deliver a jam-packed 90 minutes that will serve as a primer on which you can build a lifelong practice of creating and maintaining boundaries. Together, we’ll look at what boundaries are and what they aren’t; what it means to be responsible for one’s own emotional experience; and where to begin establishing powerful and loving boundaries in our lives.

To maintain the intimacy within the group, we will be capping this experience at 25 participants. 


Ready to dive in? Register below:

Want to go even deeper? Here's another offering:

We've created an intimate, 4-week workshop, where we’ll take a look at how we can practice using boundaries as a powerful tool in creating the life and relationships of our dreams.

Over the course of four 90-minute sessions, we’ll get grounded in:

  • What boundaries are and what they aren’t…

  • How to discern where in our life we’re needing to practice boundaries…

  • What a healthy and co-creative boundary-setting practice looks like…

  • And what’s possible in our lives when we create boundaries from a place of love, reverence and respect…


Ready to dive in? Click here to register.

Disclaimer: We are two white women actively doing the work to eradicate our conscious and unconscious biases. It is our highest intention to create a safe and inclusive space, welcoming to every body. We are committed to offerings that are applicable across cultural contexts. At the same time, we recognize that, as a result of our privilege, it’s possible we may miss something. We’re open to being called in and called forward about anything you see in our blind spot. Thank you in advance for your partnership.   

Sep 17th, 2020 06:00 PM Eastern Time

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